Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pack Dynamics Part IV (The final addition)

As Kyra started slowing on some on course, we started doing the math. Hopefully, Kyra will be doing agility for at lease another 4 years. But can we be sure? Of course not. So, Gene started his search for his next dog. With the help of Becky, we came across and entered into an agreement to co-own our new beautiful silver rocket, aka Hemi. (I won't bore you with the details.)

If I had to describe this little fuzzball in only 1 word, it would GOOFBALL! Nothing else even comes close! He came into the house, a little timid, and unsure of his surroundings. The Queen quickly informed him of her position in the household, and he has not felt the need to even discuss that arrangement. Poor Kyra, however, seems always relegated to be the bottom of the pack. She has put up a little bit of resistance, but I tell ya, she just doesn't have the stones it takes to ever be anything but a bottom feeder. Not that there is anything wrong with this, she is quite happy with her place, and it has served her well. Boo, however, has taken him under his wing, er, rosette, and the two have become fast and furious friends. I get tickled to see the two of them.

Well, actually, Hemi thinks his big brother Boo is the neatest thing since Pupperoni. Boo, on the other hand, is a very tolerant sibling. Almost motherly to the little guy. I had nightmares about two intact males in the household, but as you can see from the photo above, no problems here! Hemi doesn't sit still often, so this photo will probably be the only one we can get like this until he's old and grey. (Or, old and white as the case may be!)

Hemi is the easiest going dog in the house. Nothing bothers him. He is always wanting to learn new things, and has taught himself how to do the teeter. (And often times uses it as a warm-up exercise for his morning duty. He is also handy with hand tools! (Told ya poodles were smart!)

Hem is currently training in obedience, agility, and some conformation. He took best puppy in show at his first ever Novice Puppy UKC show. As you can see from the photo, he still has much maturing to do. He really has a great structure, great temperament, and a zest for just being a general nut! He will come running into the kitchen, do a "Risky Business" slide, slam into the counters at full speed, and just keep going. (This usually occurs when he's trying to catch up to Boo, either for a potty session, or a play session.)

Despite his deep attachment to his older brother, he is also a very loving dog, and just LOVES being in your lap.

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