Sunday, May 23, 2010

ATCH Kyra-Boo Houdini

Today, Gene and my brown-eyed girl, Kyra, finished their ATCH in grand style! Kyra had always been a velcro dog, but thanks to some patience and a wonderful trainer and mentor, Kyra and Gene learned to embrace distance work, and become increasingly proficient at it! Thanks Pamela!

It was great to finish such a great title at home, and with most of our local dog friends and many of Kyra's fans ringside! And a special thanks, of course to Judge Judy! Providing some wonderful courses, encouraging words before the run, kind words after the run, and most importanly, SMILING for the photo op! many more legs for ATCH II?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

SBM seeks MAH for long term relationship!

Boo is putting an add in the local paper seeking an agility handler with some Skillz! He has been working so hard for me this weekend, but I keep making a little mistake here and there that have cost us a Q. Friday, he got a bonus Open FAST Q that he didn't need. Today, he got his first Excellent FAST Q! I was so proud of my boy! He has not had the best luck with contacts- but we have been working to make him more successful. The send bonus for yesterday AND today were basically the same- the open bonus was teeter/tunnel- the excellent bonus was teeter, tunnel, jump. I got not video from Friday, but was lucky enough to get his FAST run from today on video:

The standard course was one of the ugliest, crunchiest, tightest, ugliest (oh, said that one already) course I believe I have ever seen! As I sat and watched the 8" dogs take the numerous off courses, and then the 12" dogs, and then the 16" dogs, I came to the realization that if the little dogs had problems with it, I was most likely screwed.

I watched the "big name" handlers each bite the dust one after another, and began to dread doing this course! Given the fact that the total Q rate for this course was about 10%, I didn't really hold out much hope. There was the sheltie eating tunnel in one corner, the tight turn after the ONE spot where the dogs could really stretch up and gather some speed, the backwards triple that seemed OH so inviting, and the triple threat of dogwalk, A-frame, Table coming out of the tunnel. During the other jump heights, the crowd began mumbling the words to "Another one bites the dust" as dog after dog after dog fell prey to "the course from Hell!"

Given all of that, I have to say, I am VERY pleased with my boy's run. HE executed FLAWLESSLY, and didn't become a victim of the many traps set up on the course. We were near the end, and Boo gave me the most wonderful A-frame he has ever given, and I didn't have the extra waiting time I usually have to cross to get the weaves. Unfortunately, I was out of position and tried hard to correct it, but just couldn't. The judge didn't call the first refusal, and we were still alive, but I just couldn't get him lined up. The result was a NEARMISSQ, and it is on video. I am VERY proud of this boy, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is NOT an oncoming train! It is a bucket full of Q's!

Here's hoping tomorrow brings MORE Q's!