Sunday, March 30, 2008

Greater Collin County AKC trial

Well, we thought this would be our big weekend. With all of the "big dogs" in Tulsa, this was a small trial. Both days, we had run and were headed home before noon. Unfortunately, the Q's and MACH points were not as free flowing as one would have hoped. Despite the Q percentage (25% for the weekend- 0% of that for Boo)- we had some VERY nice runs! The blue line with #7 (which should NOT have changed the numbering- not sure why it did)- is closer to where the weaves were set up, not how it was on paper. It did give a much nicer entry off of jump #6.

I didn't get any tape of Saturday's runs, as we've been having battery issues with our video camera, and the battery was dead. A friend taped them, but she, too, had technical difficulties and somehow managed to delete all the runs and photos from her camera! (Story of my life! LOL!) Gene managed to get the JWW runs from Sunday taped. Here is the course map from it. Gene said that the actual built course was different. The weaves were at a more direct line from jump #6 to the tunnel.

How can you tell when a 7 year old standard poodle has had ENOUGH of a pesky puppy?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hemi's agility Class- I forget what week!

The first video is a short sequence involving the A-frame (including touches). Hemi is doing REALLY well, and loves the A-frame! He is also doing well with his start line stays- and following Gene's directions.

The next video is one a short sequence including the tunnel- notice the distance- Hemi is going out to the tunnel- I just LOVE it!

In this sequence, Gene pre-cued the A-frame, and Hemi took the jump in between the tunnel and the A-frame. (Of course, it does help that he was a little bit pattern trained, but I'll take it anyway I can get it!)

This last sequence is Hemi's footwork on the weaves- I just LOVE the footwork developing here! He just shows such concentration!

Aunt Karen's visit

Well, the poodle crew got a long awaited visit from their Aunt Karen over this Easter Holiday. Hershey thinks that Aunt Karen is hers, and made sure the others knew it.

(The room Karen was staying in is behind the gate!)

However, I think Hemi was by far the most excited to see his Aunt- what do you think?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Agility!

Well, today was a cold cloudy day with threats of rain throughout the day. Since the store was closed, and we didn't get in the 1 agility trial in the area, we decided to head out to the training property and play some. I wanted to get some photos and some video of all 3 of the kids for the blog, but as with many things in my life, the equipment did not cooperate- the cameras battery died before we got most of the photos we wanted, and the back up batttery lasted long enough for about 2 photos. The video camera's battery was just dead. Period. But, we started with Boo, and we got some good dogwalk photos.
Including this one when the wind caught him, and I thought he was going off the DW again- notice the right rear leg is on the very edge, and the front left toes are curled, trying to grasp the dogwalk! Poor fellow- he finished though, and even got back on!
We got a couple of jump photos- with the cloudy skies, they didn't really come out REAL clear, but he does look happy, doesn't he?
I did some major touch-ups on this one, and it does look better!
Gene pulled Kyra out to play- she was REALLY happy about it! They didn't get breakfast since we headed out fairly early. If we feed them, then get in the car, Hemi gets sick- and Boo gets sick if he has a full tummy and then runs agility. Kyra was ready to eat, and knew Gene had food!
The channel weaves were set apart, and Kyra didn't bother wasting footwork on them!
Gene got out Hemi- look at that concentration and jumping style! He doesn't have any trouble with 12" jumps- let's hope he is a typical poodle and doesn't have any trouble with higher ones. We're a little worried, however, because he attacks everything head on- and doesn't let anything stand in his way- when the jumps go up, will he decide that it's easier to go through them then over them? YIKES!

Another good one of him jumping, AND paying attention to his Daddy- what a good boy!
He is just learning the A-frame in class- but I really like his form- we'll see if it holds as the frame goes up. He leaps the apex, just like a running contact- his touches are REALLY steady- for now.
I loved this butt-scooting photo- it's not in great focus, but it gave me a snicker!
So, all in all, it was a fun day! The furr-kids got to play some agility, and we got to practice a few things that we had been trying to find time to. If only the video camera had been working, so you could see how well the all did! Maybe next time! (Let's see, the next holiday the store will be closed will probably be Thanksgiving- only 7 months away!)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

52 years.....and counting!

52 years ago today, Jim and Betty took that vow that would change their lives.

They would start their family immediately
They would continue to grow closer
And be a role model for their children.
I can only hope that my marriage will be as strong and as happy as theirs has been.

I love you, Mom & Dad! Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hail to the Queen!

The Same thing happens every day.

Because Kyra and Hemi can't be trusted alone, when Gene leaves in the morning, he puts them in the bedroom with me when he leaves. Boo's DAFM (Distance allowed from Mommy) is so short, that he, too, is put in the bedroom with me.

The Queen, however, refuses to give up her throne.

So, with the three dogs in the bedroom with me, Gene gets in his truck and heads for work. About 15-20 minutes later, from beyond the closed bedroom door, I hear a soft "bfff".

The Queen is speaking to her minions.

So, I open the bedroom door to allow her heiness to enter. She turns, runs back to her throne, and resumes her position.

Now that the other three dogs are awake, there is no sleeping in for me. (I swear, I can hear her laughing at me!)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Splish Splash I was taking a bath!

I decided to do a "photo essay" on the wet dogs I've seen coming through the shop. Catching the looks, and the personality of the dogs seemed like a pretty fun idea. So, I got out the camera and started clicking away! I started with Kyra- since she was ours, and was a pretty compliant customer.

This Cairn Terrier looked HAPPY to be wet! What a trooper!

The poor yorkies always look like a drowned rat! This one was particularly cute!

This little Maltese wasn't having as much fun, but did try to put her best face forward!

I know I've already got one yorkie photo, but then this little guy came in, and well, you can see that his photo just needed to be taken- and how could I choose between the two?

My favorite (outside of my own dog)- is this Bloodhound mix. (although, you can't tell she's not 100% Bloodhound!)- If you look closely, you can even see the water dripping off of her ears!

This last photo, I know, doesn't involve a wet dog, but I just couldn't resist that little face! He was a mess when he came in. The owner says he was a yorkie/poodle mix, but I didn't really see much of either breed in him!

I hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. I'm sure I will post more in the future. But, these were my favs so far!

Modified King Cut

Hershey got a "modified" version of the Mel & Helen King Poodle cut. Didn't have the camera, so got some webcam footage of her on her "Throne"- enjoy!

Finally got some still photos of the "Modified King Cut" Hope you guys enjoy!

While being adventurous, Gene cut Boo down into a Miami cut. He now looks a little like his friend Teddy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time Warp

"It's just a jump to the left....and then a step to the right.."

Yep, let's take a time warp. Many of you have enjoyed watching the newer videos of Boo and Kyra doing agility, and then the training videos of Hemi learning. But, I was looking at some old video last night, and I thought that I would offer up as blog fodder, some old video of Hershey doing obedience and agility. If you watch the agility video with Hershey, it might explain some of my handling problems with Boo. Being able to run a course by reading numbers, and having the time (after or during a front cross) to stop and tie your shoes, really effects the timing of your handling when it comes to running a fast dog.

And this is why Hershey is retired from Obedience. (It's so much easier to laugh at years later!)

And finally, I thought I would upload a video of one of Boo's early tries in agility- just to show that I really have gotten better at handling!