Sunday, March 30, 2008

Greater Collin County AKC trial

Well, we thought this would be our big weekend. With all of the "big dogs" in Tulsa, this was a small trial. Both days, we had run and were headed home before noon. Unfortunately, the Q's and MACH points were not as free flowing as one would have hoped. Despite the Q percentage (25% for the weekend- 0% of that for Boo)- we had some VERY nice runs! The blue line with #7 (which should NOT have changed the numbering- not sure why it did)- is closer to where the weaves were set up, not how it was on paper. It did give a much nicer entry off of jump #6.

I didn't get any tape of Saturday's runs, as we've been having battery issues with our video camera, and the battery was dead. A friend taped them, but she, too, had technical difficulties and somehow managed to delete all the runs and photos from her camera! (Story of my life! LOL!) Gene managed to get the JWW runs from Sunday taped. Here is the course map from it. Gene said that the actual built course was different. The weaves were at a more direct line from jump #6 to the tunnel.


Theodorable said...

Yea! Great job! Go Kyra! She Q'd right? I think Boo was faster and would have beat Kyra if he had done his weaves. It's always something!

Poodlebugs said...

Yes, Kyra Q'd, was 7 seconds under SCT with a 3rd place- and 7 MACH points with an whopping 4.4 yps. (I think the marker for nationals is 4.1 yps, but don't quote me on that!) I'm proud of Kyra- Boo is doing really well- he doesn't turn as tight, as he's not as limber- but we're working on that!

Theodorable said...

Oh, that's great! How did they do the rest of the weekend?