Monday, September 6, 2010

Hemi does YOGA!

On perusing some of my photos of Hemi, I was impressed with his vast versatility of yoga positions. I thought I would share some of my favorites here!

This is his modified "Savasana" pose- the canine version of the corpse pose.

This pose was somewhat unsuccessful the first time, and he has not attempted it since:
"Parsva Bhuja Dandasana" or "Dragonfly". This is what that pose is supposed to look like:

Here, Hemi has perfected the "Karnapidasana" pose- or "Ear Pressing Pose". This pose is known for increasing blood flow to the brain. I wonder if it helps?
Here we have a better view of Hemi's execution of the "Karnapidasana."
The canid version of "Anantasana" or the "Couch pose". This pose is unique in that you will notice that the dog's back is facing out, whereas the face is close to the couch.
"Supta Baddha Konasana" aka "Reclining Bound Ankle Pose". We affectionately refer to this as "Hogtie" position.
Here is Hemi's interpretation of "Pasasana" or the "Noose" pose. The execution is not flawless, but I will give him an A for effort!
Here, Hemi chooses to hide his face so that his execution of the "Salutation" pose is not seen.
Here, Hemi is in the relaxation phase of yoga in his "Kurmasana" pose, or the "tortoise" pose where he curls in on himself, and his eyes disappear behind his ear.
Gene helps brace Hemi while he learns the "Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana" pose- or "Rotated half-moon". This one has been difficult, and still requires embracing from either Gene or I in order to hit the position properly.
"Viparita Hemiani" aka "Legs on table" pose.

Hemi is caught trying desperately to enter the "Paripurna Navasana" pose, or "Full Boat" pose. He is obviously still working on it.

Hemi's favorite pose (and the first pose he learned) would be "Urdhava Kukkutasana" or "upward cock pose". This pose is a beginner's level pose that can start any dog on their way to yoga.
Another difficult pose: "Yoganidrasana" or, "GeeIgottapeea" pose.

In Hemi's execution of "Krauncasana" pose, it looked too painful to get a full photo of him, so I just chose to capture it from one angle.
Another version of "Supta Baddha Konasana"... obviously his favorite position.
Hemi's knowledge and use of his Yoga poses is amazing, and I believe it helps him keep his Chakra centered. His use of meditation is helping him overcome his anxiety over the dogwalk and the teeter, so we keep going. I hope you enjoyed this trek through Hemi's yoga routine as much as I did!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Spider spider on the wall?

So, about once a month, Kyra will start chewing on one (or more) of her feet. We will put some Gold Bond powder on it, put a child's sock on the foot, and tape it up. We've been through this so often, we have about 5 pairs of socks so that we can keep a clean sock on her foot until she quits the chewing.
She started up again Wednesday, and I followed usual protocol- powder and sock.

Last night, the sock was wet, and she was digging at it, and we went to change the sock. There was a slight odor, much like wet dog foot smell, and she was limping on it some. Pulled the sock off, and found this:
A very swollen, raw, hot foot. We examined carefully, but found no evidence of a bite, a cut, a blister, a sore, nothing. Shaved the foot as close as possible without injuring her. Washed and scrubbed the foot, put fresh Gold Bond powder on it, and put the sock back on. She has left it alone pretty well all night, but checked this morning to find this:

More raw, more red, more swollen, warmer, and notice the blood spot- and an additional pus-type spot . Wiped off with cool damp cloth, and we have an appointment at 1:30 today to see the vet. Keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing serious! :(

More updates as they become available.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A day at the lake!

Today we took Hemi to the lake for the first time. We knew the other 3 poodles were not that "in" to the water, but Hemi has always been up for trying new things, so we thought we'd give him a shot. He wasn't so much into the "swimming" aspect, but he LOVED running back and forth in the water. I stood on land with the camera, and he would RUN out to Gene, hopping through the water, and then turn and RUN back to me. He had a blast! I took nearly 100 photos, but will not post them all here! (just a few of my favorites) I think they do a very nice job of showing the pure joy he felt! Enjoy!
That photo ^^ was actually after the swim, a little bonding time with Daddy!

Looks like there will be many more visits to the lake for Hemi! Besides, it's a GREAT way for him to run off some steam!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ATCH Kyra-Boo Houdini

Today, Gene and my brown-eyed girl, Kyra, finished their ATCH in grand style! Kyra had always been a velcro dog, but thanks to some patience and a wonderful trainer and mentor, Kyra and Gene learned to embrace distance work, and become increasingly proficient at it! Thanks Pamela!

It was great to finish such a great title at home, and with most of our local dog friends and many of Kyra's fans ringside! And a special thanks, of course to Judge Judy! Providing some wonderful courses, encouraging words before the run, kind words after the run, and most importanly, SMILING for the photo op! many more legs for ATCH II?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

SBM seeks MAH for long term relationship!

Boo is putting an add in the local paper seeking an agility handler with some Skillz! He has been working so hard for me this weekend, but I keep making a little mistake here and there that have cost us a Q. Friday, he got a bonus Open FAST Q that he didn't need. Today, he got his first Excellent FAST Q! I was so proud of my boy! He has not had the best luck with contacts- but we have been working to make him more successful. The send bonus for yesterday AND today were basically the same- the open bonus was teeter/tunnel- the excellent bonus was teeter, tunnel, jump. I got not video from Friday, but was lucky enough to get his FAST run from today on video:

The standard course was one of the ugliest, crunchiest, tightest, ugliest (oh, said that one already) course I believe I have ever seen! As I sat and watched the 8" dogs take the numerous off courses, and then the 12" dogs, and then the 16" dogs, I came to the realization that if the little dogs had problems with it, I was most likely screwed.

I watched the "big name" handlers each bite the dust one after another, and began to dread doing this course! Given the fact that the total Q rate for this course was about 10%, I didn't really hold out much hope. There was the sheltie eating tunnel in one corner, the tight turn after the ONE spot where the dogs could really stretch up and gather some speed, the backwards triple that seemed OH so inviting, and the triple threat of dogwalk, A-frame, Table coming out of the tunnel. During the other jump heights, the crowd began mumbling the words to "Another one bites the dust" as dog after dog after dog fell prey to "the course from Hell!"

Given all of that, I have to say, I am VERY pleased with my boy's run. HE executed FLAWLESSLY, and didn't become a victim of the many traps set up on the course. We were near the end, and Boo gave me the most wonderful A-frame he has ever given, and I didn't have the extra waiting time I usually have to cross to get the weaves. Unfortunately, I was out of position and tried hard to correct it, but just couldn't. The judge didn't call the first refusal, and we were still alive, but I just couldn't get him lined up. The result was a NEARMISSQ, and it is on video. I am VERY proud of this boy, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is NOT an oncoming train! It is a bucket full of Q's!

Here's hoping tomorrow brings MORE Q's!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Three runs from this weekend- the 2 best, unfortunately, were not caught on tape. The first 2 are Boo, the last one is Hemi's jumper's Q. (The first video includes a special message from Mike!)

Boo finished the weekend with 5 out of 10 Q's, a 1st place, a second place finish only .02 behind first, and was runner up high in trial! I couldn't be more proud of my little man!

Hemi is doing the dogwalk consistently in class, or has the last several weeks. He is not hesitating and requiring zero assistance from Gene to do the dogwalk. Hopefully, sometime soon, that will transfer to a trial setting. When it does- LOOK OUT AGILITY WORLD!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party 4/15/2010

Tea Party tonight:  This was a large banner they had up for everyone to sign.  This will be rolled up and delivered to Washington, DC

One of may favorite photos:

How true THIS is!

Where old meets new---the times may change, but the message still rings true today:

Then there are the *new* messages!

Hey....some of us OWN poodles! 

And...inventive new products!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

DAWG turns 25

Texas' oldest agility club continued it's 25th anniversary celebration this weekend.  I decided to share some of the photos I took while I was there:

First, a group shot of the wonderful Veteran dogs in the Veteran's parade:
A few of our Members' dogs:



And, Baron

I LOVED this look:


And, I found this shot humrous...

Happy 25th Anniversary to DAWG.  I have only been involved a few years, but it's not only the oldest agility group in the state, it's the BEST!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I had an interesting conversation with some friends today regarding the use of the word "NO" and it's uses in dog training, and the conversation was interesting enough that I thought it should be shared.  It started as we were discussing a dog that has a tendency to sniff on the table during an agility trial.  We all agreed that, with the particular dog, stress was the major factor.  It was brought up that the usual tendency for someone who has a sniffing problem, is to utter the word "no" at a trial, and expect the dog to quit sniffing and become MACH  material immediately!  This seldom works.  The conversation regarding the reason this doesn't work went something like this (author retains the right to paraphrase and/or alter the exact conversation in order to make delivery of said message more effective):

B:  Let's play a game of trivial pursuit.
M:  Sure
B:  What piece of a WWII mess kit was referred to as a pus blanket?
M:  Hrmmm.. Bread?
B:  No
M:  Napkin?
B:  No
M:  Crackers?
B:  No

There was a lag in the conversation as we started at B, waiting for more information.  None was forthcoming.
I googled this, and even called my Dad- a career military man- to try and glean the answer to no avail.

So, what does this prove?  I have given my 3 best answers, and have offered other behaviors, and still do not know what the correct answer is.  I also do not have enough information to answer the question.  All I have is "no". 

When it comes to dog training, I'm not about what works, I'm about what makes sense to me.  This makes sense to me.  Dogs learn best (as we all do) when the information provided is black and white.  Simply teaching the dog "no" can make them stop one behavior, but doesn't provide them the information they need to perform the correct behavior, and this can cause undue stress on the dog. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What does a tired dog look like

After a long day of agility?

Kinda like this:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dancing with my DAWGS

What could POSSIBLY be more fulfillling than spending time with the furry ones you love? Nothing I can think of!

2 videos from a recent ASCA trial.

Hemi in Elite Jumpers:

Boo in Elite Jumpers:

What a great weekend!