Friday, July 16, 2010

Spider spider on the wall?

So, about once a month, Kyra will start chewing on one (or more) of her feet. We will put some Gold Bond powder on it, put a child's sock on the foot, and tape it up. We've been through this so often, we have about 5 pairs of socks so that we can keep a clean sock on her foot until she quits the chewing.
She started up again Wednesday, and I followed usual protocol- powder and sock.

Last night, the sock was wet, and she was digging at it, and we went to change the sock. There was a slight odor, much like wet dog foot smell, and she was limping on it some. Pulled the sock off, and found this:
A very swollen, raw, hot foot. We examined carefully, but found no evidence of a bite, a cut, a blister, a sore, nothing. Shaved the foot as close as possible without injuring her. Washed and scrubbed the foot, put fresh Gold Bond powder on it, and put the sock back on. She has left it alone pretty well all night, but checked this morning to find this:

More raw, more red, more swollen, warmer, and notice the blood spot- and an additional pus-type spot . Wiped off with cool damp cloth, and we have an appointment at 1:30 today to see the vet. Keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing serious! :(

More updates as they become available.