Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once, Twice, Three times a Q!!!!

All 3 dogs got 1 Q today- not bad odds. First came Kyra- She was really slow, just barely making time for a whopping ZERO MACH points. However, she acted "off" all day, and Gene pulled her from standard because of it. Not sure what the problem was, but she did drop some major chalupa's (her 3rd set of the day) immediately after being pulled from the course. She is acting fine otherwise, so we're hoping it was just a tummy ache. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Following is her jumper's Q:

Boo's JWW run was good..until his Momma got lazy. We had made it through the hard parts, and I let my guard down. (And my dog). Pushed him out around a jump, and cost us the Q. On the up side, in standard, Momma was back on track. We managed to Q-- slightly over time, but being Excellent A, I'm allowed. That was his standard title. 2 more Q's for that jumper's title. Who'd a thunk I would have a standard title on ANY dog before a jumper's title? Tee Hee.

The last run of the day for us was Hemi in JWW. It started off a little rocky, but he finished strong. This is his run, and Q.

So, 3 good, solid Q's from today. Tomorrow is another chance to improve on that score. It's also the first chance for Boo, AND me to get our first MACH points... EVER!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it's my Birthday today. I am now 29.99 + tax. But, age aside, it has been a really good day. First, I got the following gift from my DH.

The book is one of a limited printed set that never went on sale- Stephen King simply gave them to his friends/important people. Why did Andrew sell his copy? Dunno- don't care!

At work, one of my lovely co-workers and CN's (Cubie Neighbor) spent 2 days making me this cake:

So, all in all, it's been a pretty nice Birthday! Another year behind me!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belayed Valentine's Day

Kyra decided she couldn't be outdone, so decided that today she would offer Gene a double Q. Her JWW run:

And, her standard run:

So--out of 10 runs this weekend, we managed to pull out 5 Q's. 50% Not a bad haul for this couple. Hemi is slowly improving with each run. Once he gets his head together, he's going to be great!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Agility competitors are a superstitious lot. I think this is true for most all athletes. You have lucky Q shirts that competitors will wear day after day after day. That lucky leash that your dog Q'd on for the first time. I would even bet that there's more than 1 pair of "lucky agility undies" out there.

I would guess I'm no different. Upon arriving at the arena this morning after a 1 hour drive, getting to the restroom facilities was a top priority for me. Inside, someone had decorated one of the stalls like this:

Weighing my options, and counting the number of heads waiting in line for the "lucky stall", I decided that the need to empty my bladder was more important than waiting on the magic toilet at this point, so I chose to use the only open stall at the time. The one at the far end. The one with the broken door that doesn't close all the way. The handicap stall.

Our first run was in JWW. Someone must have told Boo that it was Valentine's day. Since we all know how much Boo loves his Momma, he decided I needed something special. So, he focused and managed to pull out a JWW Q this morning with a first place! WAHOO!.

Subsequent trips to the lavatory brought with them a great quandry. Do I contnue to use my own, personal "lucky" stall, or do I risk it and use the club proclaimed "lucky stall". After much debate with myself (and more than a few odd looks), I decided to continue using my own personal "lucky stall".

In Standard, Boo managed to once again pull out a Q with a first place!

Poor Gene, there was no lucky stall in the men's room. Because of this, Kyra got 1 Q in JWW with a 3rd place, and Hemi took the "walk of shame" after the first 2 jumps.

I will have to watch closely tomorrow and keep Gene out of the ladies room!

Monday, February 2, 2009

First Day Back at Work

Today was to be my first day back at work, having discussed the start with my boss nearly a month ago, I didn't expect any issues.. It should be an easy transition, since I have worked there before, and have been doing some "moonlighting" as well.

I decided I would start my work days at 7 am. While I am not a morning person, I hate afternoon traffic even more. It is much safer for all involved if I get up early and miss traffic driving home.

Being slightly OCD about being on time. (For anything) I arrived at the office at aprpoximately 6:45 am. I had already received an e-mail from my dear friend Vici telling me which lovely cubicle was reserved especially for me. I decide today is going to be a good day, since the doors are NOT locked when I arrive. (yeah!)

I locate said cubie with no problem. (Because I had been there before.) The desk contains a CPU, a Monitor, a phone, and desk chair. That's it. I look around, and notice a few desks that are empty (or at least appear to be) so my first mission is to pilfer (aka steal) supplies from these desks. This amounts to a trash can and broken tape dispenser.

6:49 am- unpack, and realize there is not a plug in for my alarm clock. Once again, pilfer through unused desks and *obtain* a power strip

6:59 am- turn on computer and attempt to sign on

7:00 am- realize that I do not have enough information to log onto the desk top

7:01 am- locate Team Leader (TL), and find out that boss is off that day. Inform TL of my sign on problem.

7:03 am- TL calls Computer Geek (CG) to tell her that I need a sign on. (CG is not in yet, so we wait.)

7:15 am- make a cup of hot tead and scour empty desks once again for supplies

7:20 am- realize I have a calendar in my car, and leave to retrieve it

7:30 am- hang calendar on cubie wall with the help of a push pin donated from fellow co-worker

7:35 am- inform friend and cubie neighbor (CN) that I am unable to sign on

7:40 am- Sign onto desktop with CN's sign on. (Thank you CN!)

7:40:39 am- Get to second screen of log in- and use my own- and wait

7:42 am- still stuck at screen #2

7:45 am- go to the bathroom- to waste time-

7:50 am- return to desk to find computer has timed out and is "locked"- requiring CN's password- again

7:51 am- still stuck on screen #2

8:00 am- attempt to call mother- get answering machine at all phone numbers

8:10 am- switch from ice tea to water

8:20 am- do some research, find out that it takes me EXACTLY three spins in the desk chair to get dizzy. Debate furthering research to see how many spins until I puke. Decide puking on your first day back is not acceptable

8:30 am- find out that private e-mail is blocked on work computer, but porn is not

8:31 am- find out that computer is too slow to download porn

8:35 am- start a grocery list

8:36 am- realize I don't need anything at the grocery store

8:45 am- call sister to inform her of the numerous job opportunities at the office

8:50 am- notice that someone has stolen the bulbs from my cubicle light fixtures

8:55 am- sign on the chat board, only to find new computer is also to slow to load it

9:00 am- discuss interesting radiology report with co-worker, and the pros and cons of coding on a post gender- reassignment surgical patient

9:12 am- discuss the need for a pre-break in order to make sure that break time is used to it's full capacity, and the draw-backs of not planning ahead

9:15 am- call Mom again, reach her this time. Discuss the finer points of my day up to now

9:30 am- TL comes by to check status of computer- still stuck on screen #2

9:45 am- TL comes by once again and advises me to go home until problem solved

9:46 am- leave CN a note, and drive home

So, 3 hours later, I had done exactly ZERO work. Here's hoping day 2 runs a little smoother!