Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belayed Valentine's Day

Kyra decided she couldn't be outdone, so decided that today she would offer Gene a double Q. Her JWW run:

And, her standard run:

So--out of 10 runs this weekend, we managed to pull out 5 Q's. 50% Not a bad haul for this couple. Hemi is slowly improving with each run. Once he gets his head together, he's going to be great!


C said...

Patti this is really awesome!

C said...

Patti this is awesome!

Theodorable said...

Yea! Go Kyra! She can't let her little brother outdo her. Wow, 2 QQ's in one weekend, that's great! I'm assuming Kyra made time, too. Congrats on a fun weekend!