Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once, Twice, Three times a Q!!!!

All 3 dogs got 1 Q today- not bad odds. First came Kyra- She was really slow, just barely making time for a whopping ZERO MACH points. However, she acted "off" all day, and Gene pulled her from standard because of it. Not sure what the problem was, but she did drop some major chalupa's (her 3rd set of the day) immediately after being pulled from the course. She is acting fine otherwise, so we're hoping it was just a tummy ache. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Following is her jumper's Q:

Boo's JWW run was good..until his Momma got lazy. We had made it through the hard parts, and I let my guard down. (And my dog). Pushed him out around a jump, and cost us the Q. On the up side, in standard, Momma was back on track. We managed to Q-- slightly over time, but being Excellent A, I'm allowed. That was his standard title. 2 more Q's for that jumper's title. Who'd a thunk I would have a standard title on ANY dog before a jumper's title? Tee Hee.

The last run of the day for us was Hemi in JWW. It started off a little rocky, but he finished strong. This is his run, and Q.

So, 3 good, solid Q's from today. Tomorrow is another chance to improve on that score. It's also the first chance for Boo, AND me to get our first MACH points... EVER!

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Theodorable said...

Hey great job! That's a lot of Q's for one day. :) Hope Sunday went as well.