Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night Time Agility fun!

Here's some video of night ASCA trial this past weekend. I hope you enjoy the footage. (Warning, I finally figured out how to put MUSIC with my videos! Opens up a WHOLE new set of possibilities!

First up is Kyra. This was a GREAT Jumpers run!

Some of Boo

Hemi got to play- though he was for exhibition only!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Hemi Video

These videos are sort of mixed up, and are from several classes from the last month or so. Enjoy!

Hemi works well with distractions even!

Another good one! Watch this footwork!

More fun sequences!

One more fun one!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Or, would that be, Peek-A-Hemi?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you know what happens when......

You leave 2 sisters unattended. And bored? Well, I do. And, I'll let you in on it as well. So, it's Saturday afternoon- the shop is quiet, and we're sitting around staring at each other. Gene decides to go out back to take the trash out, and returns with the statement, "I found a dead body out back". He carries in his hands this poor sickly plastic Army man held together with duct tape. My sister and I looked at each other, and it began. So, here's the news story we came up with:

Duct Tape Killer Strikes Again!

by: L. Laine
At approximately 3:15 am, a dead body was found in the alley behind Dirty Dawgz Dogwash in Mansfield, TX. There was a blood trail leading from the body to teh dumpster where the alleged murder weapon was found.
The victim appears to be a homeless man, dressed in surplus army gear, including worn out combat boots and used black gloves. As with the other victims, the torso was wrapped in duct tape.
Police are currently searching for an extra large female who was reported to have been seen smoking a cigarette behind the strip mall around 2:30 this morning.
The CSI department in Arlington are currently running DNA and fingerprint analysis on items found at the scene.
Detective Brass refused to comment on the ongoing investigation, and there are no known suspects at this time. This is the fourth vicitm of the named "Duct Tape killer." The first victim was 45 year old Randall Lycke found at a local dog park. Victim number 2 was identified as 37 year old Tony Smythe of Grand Prairie, Tx, and was found in the dumpster behind Starbucks. The third victim was an unditified black male believed to be in his mid thirties to mid forties. He was found outside the Dallas Zoo, behind the brand new Moose Exhibit, causing a delay in it's grand opening scheduled in May.
Police are asking anyone who may have information about the murders to please call their anonymous tip line at (817) 555-9110.

And, here are the crime scene photos:

So, keep this in mind. I don't care how old youre children are- never leave them unsupervised if they are bored!