Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night Time Agility fun!

Here's some video of night ASCA trial this past weekend. I hope you enjoy the footage. (Warning, I finally figured out how to put MUSIC with my videos! Opens up a WHOLE new set of possibilities!

First up is Kyra. This was a GREAT Jumpers run!

Some of Boo

Hemi got to play- though he was for exhibition only!


Theodorable said...

Those are great! You got some nice distance with Boo, I'm impressed. Hemi looked like he was having fun. I'm sure that was a great experience for him. He reminded me of another little poodle boy! :) BTW, there is a red standard in the intro class I'm teaching. Very cute and full of poodle enthusiasm. He did a zoomie last week!

Pam said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend ! I agree with Melissa, you had great distance with Boo !

I like the music ! glad you got that figured out.