Sunday, March 8, 2009

So close

And yet, so far away.

Boo has officially been pulled from competition until Fall. He has a nagging shoulder injury that he just can't seem to shake. The sad part, is that he was so close to getting his AXJ, needing only 2 q's. He and I had finally begun to click as a team, becoming more consistent. The courses this weekend were nice, flowy, open courses. Great for the big dogs. (Something that doesn't come around often.) On a brighter note, Hemi had a really great run in Jumpers with weaves on Saturday:

It was his 4th Q, and Gene decided to go ahead and move him up, before he got too used to only doing 6 weave poles. He's not doing standard yet, because we're still having some issues on the dogwalk and teeter. Kyra is now 1 Q away from her MX. She should have been able to get that leg this weekend. Saturday, Gene and Kyra were doing well, but Gene pulled her a little wide on the weaves, causing her to miss the entry. Sunday, he handed her off to me. In JWW, she was moving very slowly and with me losing my brain a couple of times on course, she didn't Q. In standard, poor girl spent the entire run wondering where her Dad was.

Of course, there's always another dogshow!

Here are the courses from this weekend.

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