Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Agility competitors are a superstitious lot. I think this is true for most all athletes. You have lucky Q shirts that competitors will wear day after day after day. That lucky leash that your dog Q'd on for the first time. I would even bet that there's more than 1 pair of "lucky agility undies" out there.

I would guess I'm no different. Upon arriving at the arena this morning after a 1 hour drive, getting to the restroom facilities was a top priority for me. Inside, someone had decorated one of the stalls like this:

Weighing my options, and counting the number of heads waiting in line for the "lucky stall", I decided that the need to empty my bladder was more important than waiting on the magic toilet at this point, so I chose to use the only open stall at the time. The one at the far end. The one with the broken door that doesn't close all the way. The handicap stall.

Our first run was in JWW. Someone must have told Boo that it was Valentine's day. Since we all know how much Boo loves his Momma, he decided I needed something special. So, he focused and managed to pull out a JWW Q this morning with a first place! WAHOO!.

Subsequent trips to the lavatory brought with them a great quandry. Do I contnue to use my own, personal "lucky" stall, or do I risk it and use the club proclaimed "lucky stall". After much debate with myself (and more than a few odd looks), I decided to continue using my own personal "lucky stall".

In Standard, Boo managed to once again pull out a Q with a first place!

Poor Gene, there was no lucky stall in the men's room. Because of this, Kyra got 1 Q in JWW with a 3rd place, and Hemi took the "walk of shame" after the first 2 jumps.

I will have to watch closely tomorrow and keep Gene out of the ladies room!


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Yea Boo!! a QQ!!! That's awesome! Teddy and I drove down to Camden for one day of Open B last Saturday. We didn't qualify, but he's making improvements. He never made me worry whether or not he was going to try to leave the ring. We had to do the BJ first, and he did it, and he held his sit stay! Hope your winning streak continues!!