Saturday, June 12, 2010

A day at the lake!

Today we took Hemi to the lake for the first time. We knew the other 3 poodles were not that "in" to the water, but Hemi has always been up for trying new things, so we thought we'd give him a shot. He wasn't so much into the "swimming" aspect, but he LOVED running back and forth in the water. I stood on land with the camera, and he would RUN out to Gene, hopping through the water, and then turn and RUN back to me. He had a blast! I took nearly 100 photos, but will not post them all here! (just a few of my favorites) I think they do a very nice job of showing the pure joy he felt! Enjoy!
That photo ^^ was actually after the swim, a little bonding time with Daddy!

Looks like there will be many more visits to the lake for Hemi! Besides, it's a GREAT way for him to run off some steam!


Jacqui said...

She had a ball didn't she :)

Poodlebugs said...

Jacqui- Hemi is one of those dogs that is easily entertained! Constant source of entertainment!