Saturday, March 15, 2008

Modified King Cut

Hershey got a "modified" version of the Mel & Helen King Poodle cut. Didn't have the camera, so got some webcam footage of her on her "Throne"- enjoy!

Finally got some still photos of the "Modified King Cut" Hope you guys enjoy!

While being adventurous, Gene cut Boo down into a Miami cut. He now looks a little like his friend Teddy!


Ginger said...

Boo reminds me so much of my Delilah! Love all your poodle doodles!

Poodlebugs said...

Thanks- he is quite the ham!

Theodorable said...

Oh, Boo does look like Teddy! :) I wish I could see them side by side, too cute. I've never been a huge fan of the shaved ears, but Hershey looks pretty cute like that. I'm sure she thinks it makes her look more regal.

Poodlebugs said...

I don't know that she looks more regal, or even thinks it- but she certainly thinks that she is Da Bomb!