Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hemi's agility Class- I forget what week!

The first video is a short sequence involving the A-frame (including touches). Hemi is doing REALLY well, and loves the A-frame! He is also doing well with his start line stays- and following Gene's directions.

The next video is one a short sequence including the tunnel- notice the distance- Hemi is going out to the tunnel- I just LOVE it!

In this sequence, Gene pre-cued the A-frame, and Hemi took the jump in between the tunnel and the A-frame. (Of course, it does help that he was a little bit pattern trained, but I'll take it anyway I can get it!)

This last sequence is Hemi's footwork on the weaves- I just LOVE the footwork developing here! He just shows such concentration!

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Theodorable said...

Awesome! Ok, I'm sending Teddy down for Gene to train. :) Hemi's contacts look great, and he is really working well, even moving ahead also. I love his weaving footwork (and nice camera angle, too). Go Hemi!