Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hail to the Queen!

The Same thing happens every day.

Because Kyra and Hemi can't be trusted alone, when Gene leaves in the morning, he puts them in the bedroom with me when he leaves. Boo's DAFM (Distance allowed from Mommy) is so short, that he, too, is put in the bedroom with me.

The Queen, however, refuses to give up her throne.

So, with the three dogs in the bedroom with me, Gene gets in his truck and heads for work. About 15-20 minutes later, from beyond the closed bedroom door, I hear a soft "bfff".

The Queen is speaking to her minions.

So, I open the bedroom door to allow her heiness to enter. She turns, runs back to her throne, and resumes her position.

Now that the other three dogs are awake, there is no sleeping in for me. (I swear, I can hear her laughing at me!)


Theodorable said...

Yes, poodles do laugh at their humans!!! That character trait is found in the curly hair gene. :) BTW, I love the picture of Hershey with her mouth open- classic!

Poodlebugs said...

Uh, that is Hershey laughing at me! You don't know how many times Gene and I will look at each and say, "When, exactly, did we lose control?" She's the main one that laughs at us- the others laugh with us!

Theodorable said...

LOL!!! I can relate!