Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boo's Open Title

Since I was posting video, I thought I would dive in head first and open us up to scrutiny. Boo and I have had a longer road to Excellent than I would have thought. He turned 6 years old Halloween 2007, and it was shortly after that he finally got that last Open Standard leg to give us our Open Standard title in AKC agility. I love working with Boo. He tries so hard, and has suffered from my lack of handling skills. He has been a trooper through it all, and has forgiven me my short comings. While we may not be the best team out there, we certainly try to have fun. That's what agility is all about, going out there with your dog, having fun, and making it a learning experience. We are working with a new trainer who helped us make some changes and get that last Open leg. We will start our quest for the elusive Excellent titles in February, and I hope to post beautiful runs then. I know we have lots of work to do, but I already see so many improvements in my handling. Hopefully, future videos will show that improvement as well. We will also be working towards our PDII title in USDAA next week. Wish us luck!

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