Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I'd like to hit on a very serious topic. The topic of addiction. I believe that everyone has an addiction of some sort. Some may call their addiction a "vice" or a "crutch", some even claim it is a "love", but it all comes out the same. There are addictions to cigarettes, and alcohol. Not to mention gambling, drugs, caffeine, and yes, even chocolate. I'd like to talk about my own addiction. It started slowly, and before I knew it, it had taken over my life. I have done much research, and I have not been able to find a cure for it. I have also found that it appears to be one of the largest growing addictions in the United States.

I am addicted to Agility.

I remember going to classes, and running our first agility dog Hershey. It seemed like an innocent enough sport. Clean air, exercise, and fun with your dogs. How could this be bad for you? Well, it didn't stop with one dog. We now have FOUR standard poodles, all of which have or will run agility. We moved onto a 4 acre piece of land where we could have our own equipment because 1 night of training wasn't enough. We joined the local agility club so that we could also use their equipment. We began teaching classes so we could discounts on classes as well. Then, we bought a travel trailer so we could more easily travel with our four dogs. Agility controls my life. It controls every aspect of my life.When looking to move out of state, my number 1 criteria for moving was to have more access to more agility.

I know that other agility addicts can attest to the same progression in symptoms. the onset for others may be slower, or quicker, but the outcome is the same. Every facet of my life is a way to get more agility into my life!

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