Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Aaarrrghh, the Dreaded Coat Change

Few things strike fear in the heart of show poodle owners more so than the dreaded coat change. That wonderful pit stop on the way to poodle maturity that consists of mats and knots that suddenly appear out of thin air.

Imagine sitting in front of the tv, comb in one hand, conditioning spray in the other, coming through poodles coat. Picking at knots behind the ears, on the chest, the back of the neck, etc., etc., etc. You spend an hour, and can finally get the comb all the way through his lovely silver locks. He stands up, shakes, and voila! The knots are back! EEK!

You would think we would have learned from the first time we went through this. But, no. We decided to do it again...WHEEEEEEE

So, last week, I spent 3 days coming through Hemi, got all the knots out and gave him a bath. Today, approximately a week later, his knots are back, bigger than ever!

So, I'm off to pick at knots. Again!


Theodorable said...

Oooh, I don't envy you! I know how tough it is to get through that coat, and I've never had one in show coat. Cute pic of Hemi and his Tina Turner look! And I like the new photos on the sidebar!

Poodlebugs said...

That's an old picture of the Pipsqueak- he is such a silly goof, man! I wish he and Teddy could play, cuz they would have a ball!

Yeah, we got all the knots out- again- but I tried not to pet him today- didn't want to find out this morning he was matted again! :)

Theodorable said...

I wish they could play, too. Teddy would love him. The other night SanDee's gigantic golden, Trigger, was trying to play with Teddy. He's the golden that almost took SanDee's knee out. I was pretty worried because he is so huge. Just Trigger nosing Teddy almost pushed him over.

At least you are experienced with poodle coats and can get the knots out so you don't have to shave Hemi down!

Poodlebugs said...

Didn't realize Trigger was that big- OUCH- what about her other baby, Cash- did she give up on him?

Yeah- I had to learn to pick those knots the hard way- I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to!

Theodorable said...

She still has Cash, too. I think she's training both of them. I don't know what her plans are for either, but she has Trigger in my intro to agility class. At least she knows how to control him, unlike other people in our class.