Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doggie Strait Jacket?

Okay, we'll get back to the Pack Dynamics, I promise. But, a friend sent a link to this photo to me, and I just could NOT pass up the opportunity to comment on it!

I mean, really, would you actually put this on your dog? (I mean, unless you were being paid lotsa money by the advertising folks to do so?) Is this not the cruelest, most evil thing you have ever seen? If you are really that lazy that you don't want to clean the hair out of your car, then hey, get a poodle! (Then again, don't. I mean, if you're too lazy to clean your car, you're DEFINATELY too lazy to groom a poodle!).

Of course, then again, it would be an alternative to crate training, eh? Instead of putting your dog in a crate, just strap the little buggers into the strait jacket and it'll fit in places that a crate won't! And, with the handy dandy handles, you can just pick them up and vacuum under them, right? At least then, we would know that Kyra wasn't eating something she wasn't supposed to- except maybe the strait jacket itself!

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