Monday, January 14, 2008


Jump for joy!

Stretch out your legs

And get ready to PARTY!

Today is Kyra's 7th Birthday. It's hard to believe that just shy of 7 years ago, we went to visit the littler of brown standard poodle puppies and came home with Kyra. It's a wonder she has lived to be 7 years old, because of her tendency to eat things she shouldn't. But, I must say, we have learned much from the chow hound. To name are few are:

1.) Fire ant bait is non-toxic to dogs, even small ones. (and, made from ground corn)

2.) Potpourri comes out the same color it went in, just a slightly different odor.

3.) Dogs don't digest caramel. (Or snicker's wrappers)

4.) Aluminum foil does not fluoresce on an x-ray.

5.) Silk flowers also come out the same color they go in.

6.) Atomic fireballs will leave red spots on a tile floor.

7.) Milk chocolate is not as bad for dogs as folks say, it's the dark chocolate that matters.

8.) Hydrogen peroxide in the lungs is worse than chocolate in the gullet.

9.) The emergency vet clinic at I-630 and John Barrow is no longer there.

10.) It's possible for a large breed dog to consume an entire meal in less than 5 seconds.

11.) If left alone, even long enough for a human potty break, she CAN and WILL find something to get into.

One thing about her immense desire for food, as much food as she can tolerate, is that she is extremely food motivated. Because of this trait, she has been a very easy dog to train. (Except for that darned stay off the kitchen counters thing.) In her 7 years, she has earned her AKC and UKC Open obedience titles, Her AX and MXJ in AKC agility with 3 QQ and 151 points towards her MACH. In USDAA, she has achieved her PDII title, and closing in on her PDIII, and has earned her bronze Jumpers title.

When Kyra was asked what she wanted for her Birthday, her eyes glazed over and "food" was all she could think about!

So, Happy Birthday girl, and here's looking at another 7!

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