Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old School

Well, a friend sent me an e-mail about being a girl in the 70's. It was meant as a cruel way to remind some of how old we are by bringing up things like roller skates with real metal wheels, the slip n slide, and Holly Hobby. So, I got to looking at some old family photos.
(Man, did you just feel the giant sucking sensation created by each member of my family as they begin to mentally flip through the files of photos, trying to figure out which piece of black mail material I'm pulling out of the archives? Hold on while I turn up the heat and tie down the dogs!)

(Aren't they cute? Dad and his younger brother. See- I inherited my love for dogs)

Anyway, I remember when I went through and scanned a lot of these photos for my parent's 50th wedding anniversay 2 years ago. I thought I'd post a couple of my favorites for public fodder.

(an extended family photo from Dad's younger days.)

(the early days)

(another early family photo)


Belinda said...

These are precious. OH, I have GOT to start scanning!

So, I had to click over because of your comment on my blog, because one of my blog-buddies from way back goes by the handle "poodlebugz." At first, I thought you might be her, and she just changed the spelling for some reason. Then, just now, SHE left a comment, so I had "poodlebugs" AND "poodlebugz!"

Anyhoo, I click over here, the banner loads, and I say out loud (to Delta, who surfs the web with me), "HEY! I KNOW HERSHEY!" ;-)

Glad to see you blogging. Also, please to help train our heathen dogs.

Poodlebugs said...

Yep, you know Hershey- and Boo as well! I've enjoyed your blog so dang much, I had to start my own. You keep me laughing! Didn't realize there was another poodlebugz- that's what we call the new puppy (oh, and flubbernuts as well!)