Monday, July 15, 2013

Naughty dogs

Is it any wonder I love my naughty dogs?  

Hemi found a teddy bear in the sunroom--this was a gift from my DH while were still in college--and Hemi decided it was HIS!

Boo does NOT like it when Mingo gets to play with toys and he doesn't.  He will still the pup's toys at any turn.  Look at how proud!  (Of note--we had to hang this toy up to dry overnight, it was soaked with Boo spit.)

Mingo had some sort of upset tummy, and went on a hunger strike.  When he started eating again, he decided he wanted Boo's "special" food.  (Boo's food being that expensive I/D crap that vet's peddle.)  We were able to entice him to eat with the I/D, and then he got to where he would tip the bowl over, spread the food on the carpet so he could pick and choose the pieces he wanted.  Silly dog.

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