Monday, February 18, 2008

A Day at the Spa

Today, Hemi got to spend the day at the "doggie spa" with his Mom and Dad. I hope you enjoy the photographical trip through his day as much as we enjoyed taking them. First, the bath:

Looks real thrilled to be there, doesn't he?

One of these days, I'd like to do a photo essay of the poor, pitiful, wet faces that come through the store. This one is a really good start, dontcha think?
He didn't much care for the big dryer, but he put on his big boy panties and dealt with it! It made drying him soooooo much faster!
Hemi enjoyed the smaller dryers much more- look at the way he is enjoying that "wind blown" look!
Here's the yet to be infamous "Jimi Hendrix" look- This is the face we see after he's been out playing with Boo and has lost his rubber band! I sometimes wonder if he's part sheep dog. (I'll have to check with his breeder on that one!)
He is still not patient with the scissoring, but he's getting there. Can't wait until his chest drops so we can see the Easty/Westy go away!

The finished project! I love some of the lines, and some of his coloring. You can't really see it from this angle, but there is a straight line down the sides of both front legs. The front half is VERY light, the back half is much darker. I also like the ring around the puff on his tail.

He was a good boy for such a long time, he deserved time to just play! Love the way he curls his toes up when he playboys.
This picture was a little fuzzy, but I thought it was cute- ears flying in the wind, strutting, tail straight up. He loves his Kong! The good news, is that the bath DID tire him out!

And, yes, he got his day at the spa, but Boo's day was yesterday. Unfortunately (Or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it was busy so we didn't get any good pictures of the process. We did, however, get a really good picture of him today after he had been scissored.

Isn't he handsome?

Despite the grizzling around his head, he still has the prettiest male poodle head I've ever seen.


Theodorable said...

Wow, great shots! They both look stunning! Great job on the shaping and scissoring. I would point to them at a conformation show!

Ginger said...

Gorgeous dogs, both! I need you to give me some lessons in scissoring!!!

Boo's coloring reminds me so much of Delilah!

Poodlebugs said...

Thanks Melissa- Gene has worked hard to get the scissoring down- I'd say he's doing a great job! Keep your fingers crossed for Denton!

Poodlebugs said...

Thanks Ginger! We certainly think so, but we are completely biased! You can't really see Boo's grizzling until you get up close. And, you'd have to talk to Gene about scissoring lessons- but since so many people gave freely of their time to teach him, he's always willing to share his kknowledge with others!