Monday, June 24, 2013

Photography Break

After all of the heavy agility etiquette talk, I thought it was time to just sit back and relax with some photography.  Enjoy!

Gene and Hemi took 1st place in the 24" jump height class at Canine's for the Cure Cancer Shoot out in 2012.  Can they repeat in 2013?  Stay tuned to find out!

Boo's first swimming lesson.  Thanks, Krista, for helping my Boo like the water.

A true haunted house?  Could be!


Love this old sign in Wichita Falls.  For some reason, I imagine Norman Bates as the owner!


Mingo is named after the band, Mingo Fishtrap, which is named for this intersection.

Eggroll--handsome dude!

Caterpiller--creepy and aggressive.  But, this guy transforms into the beautiful swallowtail butterfly!

Reflections of the pool

Happy Monday!

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