Friday, June 7, 2013

Christmas in June?

No, don't go check your calendars, we haven't moved Christmas up (or down, depending on how you look at it.)  In my quest to catch up on my posts, I have had to travel back in time a wee bit.  

Introducing:  "Sandstorm Gone Fishin' ", aka Mingo.

But, wait!  If you know the Sandstorm poodles, and you know me, you're shaking your head right now.  Your brain is split between the fact that Sandstorm ONLY breeds white poodles, and they also ONLY breed minis!  So, who is that cute little devil sitting under the tree?  Surely he is not a Sandstorm poodle, right?  

Yes, he is a Sandstorm poodle.  The first black breeding in Sandstorm history.  He is also a mini.  So, what am I doing with a mini?  Traveling with 4 standards poodles was, how shall we say, cumbersome.  And since I refuse to invest in a bus to travel with my dogs and gear, I had to make a change.  And, since I'm not willing to spend the next 4-5 years NOT showing in agility because my agility dog is older, and I'm not willing to rehome him, there was only one other option.  Downsize!  

 Now, downsizing isn't really the ONLY reason I sought out his incredibly cuteness.  If you watch the agility poodles in my area, the minis in the area from Sandstorm are smokin awesome!  I found one in particular that I fell in love with.  I had threatened on many occasions to steal him, dye him black, and call him George.  However, there were so many flaws with my plan that I was forced to abandon it for other, more practical options.

Enter Mingo- the cutest poodle puppy on the planet!  Seriously?  If that picture doesn't melt your heart then, well, you're just evil.  Period.  There is no hope for you!  This little guy has wormed his way into the hearts of our family and no one is complaining!

Do I have an agility dog or what?  Tom Bridge of FastClicks photography was nice enough to come to our agility class and snap some photos.  Look at my little guy go!  He is only about 3 or 4 months on in this photo, and I love the focus I am already getting from him.  Thanks, Tom!

There will be so many adventures with my new little man, and I can't wait to share out successes with you!

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