Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Trolls to youuuuu!

So, over a year ago, I got hooked on something called "Yahoo! Answers"


***WARNING! Signing up for this free website is addicting, humbling, and maddening. The level of maturity shown in the question are enough to drive any normal human insane. Enter at your OWN risk***

This site is full of teenagers (must be 13 to join) and numerous adults that ACT like teenagers. If you hang around for long, the trolls will find you.

Some trolls are sometimes teenagers with nothing better to do during summer break, and ask inflammatory questions like "Is it normal to have sex with my dog" just to see if they can reaction out of you.

The more disturbing type of troll, is one that has disagreed with you because of a piece of advice you have given them, and decide that they will destroy you no matter what. These insane people have been known to create an account with your name and picture on it, and go around pretending they are you. They will also search through questions and answers you have asked or answered, and report them in an attempt to have your account suspended.

I was the target of such a troll today. Actually, it's quite flattering to think that I am that important to someone that they devote so much time to me. I have never before had a stalker. If my stalker/troll should find their way here, please give greet them warmly. For, their life is so sad and meaningless, that they must pick on others in order to make them feel good about themselves.

So, Merry Christmas Trolls!


C said...

I only stalk you because you are so hot.

Poodlebugs said...

Aww, I forgot about the GOOD trolls! Like you, my dear! Smooches!

Avalon said...

Wow!~ I think I might be flattered to have a troll. Can I rub them between my hands and make their hair stand up??

Dot said...

Love the pics! So very fitting

Amerz said...

bah!! bastards!