Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Baaaaack!

I know some of you have fallen into a deep depression while waiting for an updated blog post from me.  For that, I apologize!  I hope the alcohol, Xanax, chocolate and 50 Shades of Grey was enough to keep you occupied while I was gone.

I have had some major life changes while gone; some good, some bad.  We lost 3 of our standard poodles and gained a newbie.  He's really cute, don't you think?  His name is "Waypoint's Sweet Child O' Mine", aka Axl.  (Fair warning- NEVER name a dog anything "sweet".  Just saying.)

I was laid off when my company decided it was cheaper to pay a group from India to do my job than it was to pay me to do it.  This was the push I needed to get out of the industry.  Since I still wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, it took me a while to find a path I was happy with.  I am now a licensed massage therapist!  (Yes, the number of people who claim me as their best friend has tripled in the time since we last spoke)  It is a refreshing change to have a job that doesn't require me to sit on expanding back side for 10 hours a day and stare at a lit up screen.

I have also found a renewed desire to complete my novel, "Guilt by Innocence".  Yes, I know, you are dying to read it just by the title.  You can't hide it from me!  I can see the glimmer in your eyes!  Now, write that title down so that when it is published you can buy it and read it.  Go on, make that note, I'll wait.  I've got time.

Done?  Great!  I can't promise to blog every day, but am motivated to get back to it.  I miss writing the shorter pieces.   Perhaps I'll post some scenes from my novel, you wouldn't want to miss that, now would you?  I didn't think so!  

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