Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vertically Challenged

I have been asked to be a representative at the CHF/Purina Healthcare conference.  (I hope to bring some great information back, and will definitely share what I've learned with you.)  Since I have worked from home almost exclusively the last ten plus years, my "professional" wardrobe is somewhat lacking.  I mean, pajamas are great for that telephone conference call, and some might think they qualify for a trip to Wal- Mart, but at a canine health conference?  I decided I should seek out an alternative wardrobe.  I know my fellow dog people didn't really want to see this.....

So, off to shopping I go.  And, I figured out something on this most recent shopping trip.  Department stores HATE short people.  They loathe them.  I walked into a certain clothing store, and I find the "petites" department.  It consisted of 2, count them TWO rows of clothes.  In a store of easily 10,000 square feet!  As if that wasn't enough, the price tags were placed at an approximate height of 12 feet.  Um, really?  I witnessed a woman put her young son so he could read the sale sign for her.  

Not only do these department stores hate short people, but evidently clothing manufacturers also think their time could be better spent.  I tried on a pair of so called "petite" capris.  You know those--the pants that are supposed to come to about knee height?

When I tried on this lovely pair of capris--they were neither knee level, or ankle level.  Nope.  On me, capris look suspiciously like I'm trying to wear my young daughter's pants.  It's sad, really.  If they were a little longer, I could just wear them as pants!  Nope, not gonna happen.  

When I manage to find clothes that are truly petite in length, the manufacturers also assume that short=skinny.  I am not skinny, and haven't been for a while.  Yes, I know, I do need to go on a diet and get in better shape, and I am working on it.  However, I must still be fully clothed when I head out into public, so petite clothes that fit would be nice.

The sad part of all this, is that as I wander through life, I realize that I am not alone on the petite side of the world.  I see lots of other vertically challenged persons.  There is a real niche there.  I would love to find a store that was proud to sell petite clothing for skinny and not so skinny women.  Instead, I find myself rolling up the cuffs of blue jeans or buying a larger size and washing in hot water.  So, if you are out there reading this blog, and you are a fashion designer or know one--here's your opportunity to make lots of little people happy.  Just like Willie Wonka! 

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