Thursday, March 21, 2013


It has been a really long time since I've posted, and much has happened in that time.  Shortly after my last post, the Queen of our family, Hershey, was diagnosed with cancer.  We lost her in January of 2012.  We sold our house, and moved into a new house.  During that time, we also lost our other girl, Kyra to Hemangioscarcoma.  The good news, is that we have a beautiful new home, Hemi got his MACH and went to the AKC Nationals and I also got my next agility star, a miniature poodle named Mingo.  I have much to be posted on all of the above.  The first post will be a tribute to our dear Queen.

I am also in deep in the process of trying to write my first novel.  Working title is "Innocence by Guilt."  33,000 words and counting.

I hope to get on a more consistent schedule of blogging again.

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