Sunday, January 4, 2009

Success, Silliness, and Second chances

This weekend, Hemi and Boo were both entered in obedience and/or Rally. Glen Rose is a large show that has conformation and obedience. Boo did Rally on Saturday (which Gene failed to tape) But, we did manage to get a Q out of it. Which, is nice, since one of the stations called for a "back up three steps". a move I have not taught him yet. Because of that, I'll take my green ribbon, and my sucky score. Hemi did Rally on Saturday. Gene looked at the course, mumbled something under his breath about "he's never even done that before" and took Hemi off to the side to teach him 3or 4 of the signs. Both dogs Q'd, but it was certainly nothing to write home about. The best part, is that the AKC doesn't put the scores on the title certifications. Today, we went out and had a few, bobbles, so to speak:

Check for yourself:

I will spare you the rest of the performance. After we slunk out of the ring, a steward came up and told us there was a problem with the score sheet, and we needed to re-run. Since we were going to get a new score, too, I decided to go for it. Maybe *I* could remember how to do the stations this time.

Boo's second shot at Rally:

That run gave us a 93 out of a possible 100, and his 2nd Q in Excellent Rally!

Novice was full yesterday, but Gene was able to enter Hemi in Novice B today. His bright spot is, by far, his recall:

Considering the fact that we still haven't found a good place to train, and the amount of practice in obedience has been somewhat slim, his heeling didn't seem to be too bad:

With his Q, Hemi received his Novice Title, he is now:
U. Ch. Tintlet Grab Life by the horns, CD.

I also saw the first corded poodle I've ever seen in the flesh:

Both dogs were also CERF'd on Saturday, and were clear.

All in all, it was a nice weekend! Until we find a place to train obedience, it may be a while before we enter another obedience trial.


Dot said...

I love looking at your video's , Makes me want to get up and compete!

Well done and I like the look of that corded poodle! When are you getting your next dog ;)

K said...

She's getting a 12 week old mini soon ;-)))

Nice job to both boys - and to you and Gene too!

Poodlebugs said...

Um, no, we ARE NOT getting a 12 week old mini anytime soon. But, thanks! ;)

Dot said...

She is getting it from Australia and is staying here at my place :)

Theodorable said...

Yea!! Congrats to getting back into obedience. Ugh- obedience on dirt!! Not my favorite! Congrats to you and Boo on the Rally Q's and Congrats to Gene and Hemi on the Novice title!! Wow, that is really awesome. I'm so proud of all of you guys! Woohoo- big reasons to celebrate!